Antique French

This is a small sample of my current Antique French Collection.
If you'd like to see more please email me and I'll send you pics of my latest pieces. Greg

The original Art work and Advertising in this collection come directly from The French Magazine "Le Rire". 
The Actual paper used is over 100 years old. It was the superb full colour drawings on the front and back covers and the centre spread, which made "Le Rire" outstanding. The great artists that flourished in Paris at the time were lined up to display their talents in "Le Rire" to an anxious public. "Le Rire," meaning "to laugh," was the most successful of all the "Journal Humoristique," published in France during the "Belle Epoque" (The last years of the 19th century). The backgrounds ads are from "Le Rire: as well