“One of a Kind” original vintage paper collages that I have created by hand, using actual original pages of advertising and artwork from both vintage comics and Antique French magazines. 

These are not copies or reproductions.

How they are created: First I select original Superhero or Antique artwork from either a discarded comic book or Antique French Magazine called "Le Rire".  Next I painstakingly cut out by hand and then strategically position on an original page of either an old comic or antique French advertising, creating a unique vintage collage, of which there is only one. I try to combine them together in interesting ways that tells a story, some more subtle than others.

The Artist: "My background is as an amateur artist, part time graphic designer, and antique poster dealer. Basically I love the combination of the brilliant artwork with the classic advertising and text, that when combined create a unique original artwork. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them."
Cheers, Greg