One-Man Army... Captain America

One-Man Army... Captain America

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The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers, Marvel Comics, No. 2, August 1987
Comic Ad: Bionic Commando video game 1990

Presented in 11 x 14 in. black mat, with framing labels. 
Ready to frame.

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This is not a print or reproduction:
It is a “One of a Kind” vintage paper collage that I have created by hand, using actual original discarded comic book pages and covers of superhero's and advertising from selected well-read comic books of the 1960’s - today. Each character has been cut out of a discarded comic and glued onto an original full page ad from a comic book. The actual paper can be up to 40 years old of both the superhero artwork and the ads. There is only one of each.
Enjoy, Greg